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Welcome to my personal site on the WWW


I'm a university student studying computer science and the Hindi language.
My interests in computer science include embedded systems and theoretical computer science.
I don't have a favorite environment (maybe Linux if I'm writing C/C++), but my favorite programming langauge is C.
Now and then I post something on my mind.

Webpage style explanation

As you may have noticed, this webpage's style is very minimal.
In fact, you may think it hasn't been styled at all!
The reason for this is because I'm a fan of the classic 90s style webpage (minus the yellow/tan background and ridiculous color scheme).
Some examples of this are:, and
I also enjoy this style as it is quick and to the point when someone comes to find information.


Joe's Speech (HaCF)

01/31/18 @ 09:56

A while back I was really into AMC'S Halt and Catch Fire period drama which follows a group of engineers and business people throughout the 80s and 90s in their multiple pursuits of making their mark on the technology industry (sometimes to each other's detriment). There was one moment that really stood out to me though: when Joe and the rest of the team are at COMDEX and somebody asks if the rumors they've heard are true and that the machine the team is presenting can have a natural conversation (via text) with the computer's user and is truly "unique". Joe responded with one of the best explanations of the usage of a computer that really resonated. I'd like to share that here:

"This is a machine, it's not your friend, it's your employee. It works for you.
And the way it should be evaluated as thus: how well and how fast does it do the things I ask.
Answer: instantly. Anything less is a waste of your time.
What is the margin of error? Answer: zero. Anything more and you failed.
Here's another word, one that is infinitely more important than unique will ever be: speed.
Let's cut through the bullshit and act like adults. You. Want. Speed. And this machine is the fastest one you'll find, period.
You wanna play a game with your kid? Join him for craft time at preschool.
You want a buddy? Buy a dog.
You wanna chase rainbows, tilt the room? Walk outside.
There are a hundred casinos for delusional people like you who think the world will change so easily.
You wanna get something done? Buy one of these."

-Joe MacMillan, AMC's Halt and Catch Fire

Even though this is completely scripted, it still is my favorite off the cuff response in television history.